An obvious goal for all tourist attractions, no matter if it’s a hotel, a museum or a restaurant, is to get more visitors and customers. But also, that the visitors will be treated in the right way so they will recommend the attraction to their friends. In order to succeed, you need both knowledge and concrete activities, something Visere can help you with.

Example on services:

  • Get more visitors with a more focused marketing

  • Adapt the attraction to the needs of various visitors, e.g. different countries or families with children

  • Train personnel how to treat visitors, e.g. from different cultures

  • Get a better flow trough the museum, shop and restaurant/café

  • Expert consulting when establishing new attractions

  • Give presentations, e.g. what different visitors are expecting from an attraction in Sweden

  • How to differentiate yourself in the general information flow, from the visitor perspective

  • Establish a plan for crises, e.g. impact of the Corona virus, and turn the crisis to an advantage


Visere is Latin and means “to visit”, i.e. Visit Stockholm. This is also the company’s goal, to get more tourists to visit Stockholm and discover more attractions. Visere is owned, managed and operated by Kylliki Hellström who have extensive experience in this area. For example, Kylliki have been working as an guide in Stockholm, been responsible for tourism at Junibacken and Skansen, acting as an expert consultant in the establishment of ABBA the Museum as well as Lottemaa, the largest tourism investment in Estonia, and have also been the CEO and Museum Director of the Stockholm Toy Museum. Primarily, Kylliki are specialized on visitors from Sweden, Russia and other countries around the Baltic Sea and speaks also Swedish, Estonian, Finnish, Russian and English fluently. Kylliki also have an extensive network of other specialists in order to deliver larger assignments.

Get in contact with me and discuss how you can get more visitors and develop your attraction. With my extensive experience, I will provide practical recommendations and concrete actions that will give results.

Kylliki Hellström

Visere Stockholm AB

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